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How to avoid ETH gas fees by using the polygon network with METAMASK


As you probably know, minting NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain can mean incredible high gas fees. These fees can be reduced or even avoided completely by switching to the matic Polygon network. Polygon is already supported by many NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.
This article assumes you already have set up a METAMASK wallet.

Enter the Matic Mainnet settings as follows

Add a new network in METAMASK by clicking “Special RPC” and use the settings below.

    Network Name: Polygon

    New RPC URL:


  • or

  • or

  • or

  • or


    ChainID: 137

    Symbol: MATIC

    Block Explorer URL:

When done, your settings should look like the image below (in your language of course):

METAMASK settings

Use it on OpenSea

OpenSea recently decided not to charge gas fees for your NFTs, but using the Ethereum Blockchain means you can only supply one copy of your NFT. If you’ve never sold on OpenSea before, you’ll need to pay an account initialization fee before you can list on Ethereum (see OpenSea help center). Now you can set OpenSea to use the Polygon Blockchain. This will allow you to supply as many number of copies as you which for your NFT and lets you put NFTs to sale without any fee.

That’s it, you’re ready to use MATIC in your NFT marketplace.

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Need a more detailed tutorial on how to set things up? Check out these references:

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